7 Quick Takes 2


Sometimes when Smiley cries, especially when he’s tired, he still sounds like he’s just a few months old instead of over one. I wonder if that’s strange.


Here’s an inequality between men and women that can’t be changed – men are funnier than women. As my friend once said at a talent show, a guy could stand on stage and do nothing and people would think it was hilarious, but if one of us went up and jumped through hoops (literally or figuratively) trying to get them to laugh, we’d be lucky to get a chuckle.

This is part of our culture, and so it’s probably not going to change for a long time. It’s not like equal work for equal pay that we can march and petition for. I can’t demand that others find me as funny as they would if I was a man. People can’t help what they think is funny.


When I’m standing at the counter to do dishes or make supper or what have you, and Smiley notices that he doesn’t have my undivided attention, he starts to walk around my legs making a high-pitched wailing noise, rather like a cat who wants tuna. In fact, yesterday I was opening  a can of tuna when he started twining himself around my legs, and I briefly considered putting the empty can on the ground for him, just like a cat. That would have led to disaster.


I tried to make finger paint yesterday. I think I cooked it too long, because it ended up the consistency of jello. I thought it was still fun, but my son, who just that morning played in a mud puddle for a goodly amount of time, seemed to think that jello-y paint was icky, and didn’t want to have anything to do with it.


I keep trying to get Smiley interested in paint, crayons, markers, etc, but I always end up having fun and he just puts things back in the box. Maybe when he’s a bit older he’ll be interested. I’ll keep getting the stuff out though, because I like having the excuse to make unkeepable art projects, like jello paintings.


Just to clarify, I don’t mean to say that women are never funny. There are certainly funny women out there, even if they don’t always mean to be funny. It’s just that they tend to appeal to a smaller audience, and even then are not as hilarious as they could be. And I’m pretty sure that a fake eHarmony video bio has the potential for a lot of laughs.


Speaking of cats (which, if you watched that last video, we were) my son loves them. We got a book about kittens out of the library which he now carries around with him everywhere. He never wants to read it, just hold it and occasionally point to the cats and make happy noises. I’m sure he would want them in a basket, but he might not be willing to hug every cat. Some of them are a little scary.


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